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Security Assessments

Get a security assessment of your company and get professional recommendations

Proactive Security Services

Take actions before the attack to stop a future attacker in their tracks. 

Detection & Response

Have a team of cybersecurity professionals watch over your companies network & data

Security Assessments

Get started with getting your first security assessment by Ghostlight Cybersecurity Professionals. Select from a variety of services including phishing simulations, vulnerability assessments, compliance assessments, and more.

Proactive Security Services

Our Proactive Security Services provide you with everything your organization needs to defend against future cyberattacks. 


Get professional expertise on how to configure the systems and servers in your environment


Enable network security capabilities to protect and detect potential intrusions 


Supplement your endpoints with advanced security tools to prevent against malware and to identify potential atacker activity


Get professional expertise on cloud environments of all types

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Managed Detection & Response

Our Managed Detection & Response service ensures that you have the necessary technology setup so that we can incorporate your company into our detection, alerting, and response pipeline.


We configure primary log sources to log to our central platform so we can per form analysis


Our detections will alert on potentially malicious activity. These detections will be analyzed for maliciousness


We will leverage a mixture of human analysis & automation to tell if the detection is an active attacker and whether or not they were successful in their attack


We will have the ability to respond by containing the affected system, cutting off any access that the attacker has, and cleaning up any compromised systems

Phishing Simulations & Training

Phishing is the #1 attack vector for hackers, humans are always easier to fool than tehnology. 

Number of phishing emails
opened on average

Increase in phishing attacks
 per second in the last year

Roughly 90% of data
breaches occur on account of phishing

Simulate Real-World Phishing Attacks

Simulate a real-world attack using the most common method used by attackers. Train your staff and repeat.

Phase 1. Initial Testing

The initial testing phase contains sending phishing emails to your employees to measure their current susceptibility and likelihood to fall victim to phishing emails

Phase 2. Identify Susceptible Employees

Once we identify the individuals that are more prone to falling victim to phishing, we will assign training to them so they can learn how to avoid falling victim to them in the future

Phase 3. Employee Phishing Training

Our training modules are a quick and easy way to learn how to identify signs of a potential phishing emails

Phase 4. Re-test & Collect Metrics

A follow-up test will be performed to gather metrics and effectiveness of the phishing training program

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